Terms and Conditions

These are terms and condition which are applicable to mentoring services, please make sure you read and understand before you book yourself for my services. If you have any question or comments you can contact me.

  • It is your responsibility to make sure that you are eligible for the Oxford Brookes BSc in Applied Accounting before registering for my Mentoring services;
  • In mentoring services, It will be project has been done according to Oxford Brookes guidelines and enriched with quality and effective material. Don’t confuse this to 100% guarantee of passing the project;
  • If you wish to defer your project to the following submission period, an amount of $100 will be charged before recommencing the mentoring, and
  • I operate zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism and cheating in general. If I were to find out that your work is not your own or that you have cheated any other way on your RAP then the mentoring service will be terminated and no refund will be provided;


We strictly follow our confidentiality policy that we neither share any personal information to any third party except for ACCA. If for whatever reason the ACCA ask for details regarding our mentoring relationship, I’ll definitely comply.