OBU Resubmission Important Points

Unfortunately if you have failed in your OBU project, I hope you’ll be familiarize with re submission process. There are some key points which I want to highlight which are necessary to understand for those who are resubmitting the project.

  • If you pass the Research Report (RR) at the first attempt, but are awarded a Fail grade in the Skills and Learning Statement (SLS), you only need resubmit the SLS. You cannot submit a revised RR in any further RAP submission. The Grade awarded in your RR will be carried forward and becomes the Research and Analysis Project grade if you are subsequently successful in your SLS.
  • If you fail the RR on the first submission, you will be awarded a grade C for any successful subsequent RR, even if the resubmitted RR is initially assessed as being of a higher pass grade.
  • If you fail the RR but are awarded a pass in the SLS, then you need only submit the revised RR and not the SLS.
  • If you have changed topic or organization but have not passed both sections of the SLS (Reflection and Presentation) then you will need to resubmit the SLS in full.
  • If you fail the RR and the SLS – then both of these sections must be resubmitted in full.
  • If you do not pass the RAP after a third submission, then unfortunately you will no longer be eligible to complete the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting degree.
  • You are NOT required to resubmit at the next submission period as students often find benefit from taking time to consider what was wrong.
  • You must resubmit within the 10 years limit.
  • Resubmissions will always require at least the full project Fee to be paid. Students who have been found guilty under the Academic Conduct procedures may be asked to pay a higher fee for resubmission.

Resubmission of Research Report (RR)

You can choose either to keep the same project title or choose another topic title from the twenty approved project topic areas.

If you are resubmitting project 8 then you need to update your project reflecting the most recent financial statements. For companies where financial information is no longer available (for example the company has been privatized), update the project with accessible information such as press releases and detail the reasoning behind this in your RAP.

For other topics you need to ensure that you have updated your project to reflect changes in relevant legislation/statements/standards etc. where   appropriate.

When resubmitting your RAP you must include the RAP Re submission Statement of 500 words (unless you have changed your topic/organization), explaining how you have addressed the feedback provided by the marker and moderator and where you have made changes.

Re submission of Skill and Learning statement (SLS)

If you have passed the SLS in full (Leaning statement and presentation) you don’t have to submit these again, However If you have failed one part, you have to resubmit that part.

If you passed your SLS, you don’t have to have mentor meetings again. However, you may find it useful to meet with your mentor if:

  1. You decide to submit a different Research Report and/or
  2. You generally feel that you need help from your mentor

It is not compulsory to have same mentor for re submission.

For more information about re submission, please review the OBU Resubmission Guide


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